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Micro Stunt Scooters

Micro have been one of the biggest names in scooters for over ten years. Orignally designed purely for transport and fun, micro soon realised that their scooters were being used for increasingly extreme riding. This latest series from micro combines their experience with the best quality available. While other brands are just starting to release their first X-treme models, Micro are already on their 3rd generation of development.

Micro Bullet Street Pro Scooter

The Bullet that all riders have been waiting for...

The micro Bullet has been the scooter of choice for those wanting something different for many years. Now micro have taken the Bullet concept and improved it even further with the introduction of the Bullet Street Pro which takes the basic Bullet model and through innovation and improved components makes this model even more suitable for those wanting something different. This new model has been developed in conjuction with the Micro Xtreme Team and is an ideal model for those starting out in the parks or out on the streets.

With an all new 450mm extra wide handlebar system fitted into the extremely popular XT double clamp system this offers the rider complete assurance and stability when testing the scooter to the limits. The traditional folding mechanism has been removed and is replaced with a locking bolt fixed system which is more suited to the use and abuse this scooter will be put through for the rider to enjoy it to the full.

NB: The warranty on this scooter covers manufacturing defects only, and NOT damage caused by tricks and stunts.



Micro MX Park X-treme Scooter

The lighter even more aggressive scooter......

The Micro MX Park is another new addition to the Micro X-treme series. This new scooter is lighter than the original XT model but still combines many of its excellent features as well as some new ones. The MX Park is a lighter version which was a requirement of many extreme scooter riders, especially younger riders and those not used to using extreme products in the parks, whereas riders who have experience of BMX park and street riding prefer the increased weight and strength of the XT model. With a stunning Metallic Blue finish this scooter will help any rider stand out from the crowd whether it be in the parks or just out on the streets.

The MX-Park combines experience with the best quality available, making this scooter incomparable and while other brands are just starting to release their first X-treme models, Micro are already on 3rd stage development which again proves Micro are the market leader.

The solid 450 mm (17.7 inches) extra-wide handlebars are specially developed for practising stunts. The handgrips are a combination of 35A (blue part) and 30A (black part) PU, ensuring optimum comfort and grip.

The handlebars are fitted with a new quad locking clamp which allows the rider the option of single hand riding.

The traditional quick-release clamp has been replaced by a singlelock fixed clamp that, once secured and working in conjunction with the sand blasted finish of the T-stem, ensures that it remains firmly locked down during use.

A new, 40 % thicker and longer fork system replaces the standard fork to make it more stable. Micro use FSA B52S headsets, superior-quality products bearing the cult ”full speed ahead“ brand name which are also used in Carbon Race Bikes from the high-end Bianchi brand.

Connection pieces are secured horizontally and vertically with 6 screws to ensure maximum stability of the connection between the handlebars and footplate. The new footplate design gives users maximum stability at a minimum weight level. The underside of the footplate is extra-wide for perfect grinding.

The wheels themselves are cast onto metal cores for greater strength and to eliminate the common problem of shattered hubs. These wheels have been developed using 20% more polyurethane to keep the ride as smooth as possible. This scooter comes with a stable new stunt brake.


Micro Extreme XT Scooter

The wait is over...........

Launched in the UK in November, the Micro Extreme XT model is Micro’s response to the ever increasing use of their scooters, especially the Bullet, in skate parks and on the streets for extreme aggressive use.

For the last 4 years the Bullet has been the model of choice for the extreme rider, and whilst an exceptionally good scooter this is not what the Bullet was originally designed for. Over the years many riders have adapted, amended and upgraded their Bullets to keep them functioning to their best but as the riders get better and more extreme the Bullet was taking more and more damage. Many users accepted this and would happily replace their Bullet’s 2 or 3 times a year, but now we have the solution;

A model that has been in development for over 3 years and one that has been designed not just by the engineers at Micro but also with the advice, knowledge and years of experience from their extreme team who have been riding scooters to the limit since they were first launched over 10 years ago.

A new fork system replaces the standard fork which has been so successful on the Bullet and other models. The new fork is not only thicker and longer it also offers the rider a different rake, rider angle, than was available before. This new lower rake gives riders more control over the steering of the XT and allows a more comfortable straight riding position which in turn allows the rider a better position for tricks. The newly designed fork also now eliminates the need to reinforce the upper area as before and is fixed to the new thicker lower stem using two new extra heavy duty collar clamps. The headset has also been improved with new headset rings which are stronger and have a tighter tolerance than the old system which gives a much quicker reaction from the headset and allows the rider a great feel and response when performing tricks.

Also with a new fixed handlebar system, gone are the removable handlebars as are the foam grips which have been replaced with a new PU long lasting maxi grip which is essential for constant sustainable grip. Gone is the double T footplate which has been replaced with the ultimate in strength, a larger new double square section platform which not only provides maximum strength and support but also offers riders a more uniform platform for grinds that will last and last. The new footplate is fitted with a full length grip for a more secure footing.

The brake on the XT has been specially developed to make it stronger than all other brakes. The spring itself is longer and stronger than those fitted on any other model. The wheels themselves are casted onto metal cores for greater strength and to eliminate the common problem of shattered hubs. In an attempt to keep the ride as smooth as possible these wheels have been developed using 20% more polyester urethane. The XT model comes as standard with 100 mm wheels, however, it will also accept 110 or 120 mm wheels depending on rider preference.

To get the XT model right, Micro had to start again from the very beginning and produce a scooter that was solely designed for extreme use, not a scooter that was designed to commute and then modifying it. The new XT is extremely Hardcore and is intended for the very very best riders out there. Gone is the folding mechanism which has been the trademark of the brand for so long, as is the multi mount clip, adjustable handlebar height and super light weight. These have been replaced with a fixed folding mechanism, once you’ve bolted and locked this into position and set your preferred height, that’s it; get on and ride this XT to the very extreme.